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What's New on Urban Branches?

You may have seen some new applications on the blog. I've been working hard to keep Urban Branches new and exciting by trying out new features such as the box in the left column. I will be rotating 10 products at a time, all products that I have blogged about or plan on blogging about. You can click to buy from directly from there! I hope this is something you all will grow to love and use at your leisure.

I've also recently added Google Link ads between my posts on the 1st page. I choice to do this because the ads are extremely relevant (most of the time) to what I am posting about and my blog in general and it's a great opportunity to highlight companies and products across the Internet that you and I may have never gotten around to finding. So I hope the ads are not intrusive but are helpful at locating interesting information and environmentally responsible products!

I have really enjoyed the Earth Day 22 Countdown, we have a few more days to go, what's up next? You'll have to wait and see...

Thanks again for reading....


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