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Earth Day Happenings

While Earth Day is NOT about consumerism and should never become a "shopping" holiday, I do believe in supporting companies that do good things for the earth as well as their customers. Regardless of the day people still need clothing and cleaning products, so don't feel too bad shopping on Earth Day, as long as what you're purchasing supports a good cause and helps you change your daily outlook on going green.

Here are some Earth Day goings-on that I've found: is offering up to 40% off their green & natural product lines, so now's the time to stock up on the cleaning products and skincare you've been meaning to pick up. The sale ends April 25th.

Home Depot is giving away free reusable tote bags and are offering 10% off their awesome product lines when you type in earthday08 upon checkout

If you hear of anymore great deals, events or fun things concerning Earth Day, please comment so we can all read!

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