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Earth Day 22 #19 Go Ahead, Turn Me On!

This should be an easy switch for everyone! CFL's or Compact Fluorescent light bulbs should be the only light bulbs sold at all in my opinion! They consume 75% less energy and last up to 10 times longer than regular light bulbs! The reason: regular light bulbs run on 350 degrees while CFL's run on 90 degrees. That being said, finish the bulbs you've got before switching, I am a strong believer in using what you have when you have it. Kevin and I have finally after about a year switched all of our bulbs, no turning back...

You can find CFL bulbs everywhere nowadays from your local hardware store to Target and Home Depot. There's no excuse!



carolyn said...

Because these bulbs have mercury in them, if you break one BE VERY CAREFUL. Pick up the broken pieces, wipe up the area where the blub broke with a damp paper towel, then wipe it up again. Dispose of paper towels, pieces of blub in a plastic bag (yes, that was the instruction that I read!) and then put that plastic bag in another plastic bag. That way it can be tossed in the trash. Because these blubs are considered "household toxic waste", they can't be thrown in the regular trash but need to go to a special recycle center.

Lindsay said...

Carolyn- great info, so many layers to everything isn't there!

I will look into the disposal of these bulbs, because eventually people will be tossing old ones when replacing them!


Lindsay said...
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