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Instead of plastic storage containers use glass ones, much better for your health as chemicals don't leech from glass as they do with plastic. I save all my jars (jam, salsa, etc.) and use them instead of tupperware. Since a huge percentage of the price of food is the packaging you're lowering your overall cost by reusing those glass jars!


Anonymous said...


Your Earth day 22 #2 is an incredible ad for Aveda. They should be paying you. I'm on my way right now to the nearest Aveda store.


Noel said...

Don't forget to transfer your (organic, of course!) milk from its carton or plastic container to a glass milk bottle. We always had one growing up, and they're awesome!!

Lindsay said...

I love glass milk jars!

Justin said...

Yes, I do the same thing! i also use large jars to store my cereal and Oats as well.