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Eco Fashionista: The Grass is Always Greener


City dwellers long to sit in a patch of grass in the sun; any park that has a grassy knoll is used like the beach. Brunches are coveted on summer weekends just to be able to sit outside and enjoy the weather. Lord knows after grueling winters in New York, no one wants to be cooped up in their small apartments any more. But what about bringing a little bit of green into your home to satiate the longing to be outside? What can be more eco-friendly than bringing sanity into one’s life?

Metaphys, a Scandinavian inspired company, created these wall hangings where inside each frame is a tray of growing medium, described as sponge balls filled with nutrients (and not soil, I assume).
Sold at for a mere 65$ these wall hangings were created to mimic the Japanese garden obsession with greening the living space. It’s a minor change for a major concept. It’s not news that plants within the apartment help with CO2 levels. Following the Japanese mantra, plants are also supposed to evoke happiness, and more oxygen around the house never hurt anyone!
So with the depletion of ozone, and in a dirty city, it makes sense to have more plants around. Now you can change the world, one room at a time!


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