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Earth Day 22 #8: Omop Love

I remember when I was young, I had a toy vacuum that would make vacuum noises and picked up fake dirt, swirling it in its tank. It was a blast then, and since I’ve been looking to find something that makes cleaning fun again, I think I’ve finally found it!
Method Non-Toxic Microfiber Floor Love is its nice long name. That’s right, they added LOVE to their product! The packaging is amazing, it's like a cocoon full of cleaning excitment.

Method, an amazing company which I plan on spotlighting down the road makes a great “starter kit” which includes the following:

1. 1 14oz of Wood/All Purpose Floor Cleaner (Wood scent is almond, All Purpose is Lemon Ginger), which is a non-toxic, no wax biodegradable cleaner.

2. 1 washable microfiber mop pad which can be washed and reused 50 times!

3. 3 compostable sweeping pads- these babies are known for their electrostatic abilities to pull dirt out from everywhere! They are made of corn and are 100% compostable.

4. 1 wet/dry ‘Omop’

This amazing floor cleaning kit is available online at, and Target nationwide and you can plug in your state to find local retailers. It is available in Wood Floor and All Floor options. It retails for around $35. I am planning on picking up one this weekend to replace my broken Swiffer mop (which after much contemplation realized was bad for the environment due to the toxic cleaners and disposable cleaning towels it comes with, Kevin and I have been using washable rags instead of the disposable kind, trying to make it more green!)

The sleek design and lovely scents drew me in, but the reusable sweeping clothes won me over! And that’s why it made it to my Earth Day 22 countdown.

(Image of Starter Kit:
(Image of all products:


Mom said...

I remember that colorful mop that made noises and picked up fake dirt!!!! I remember it all.

Chelsea said...

I remember that too! There were colored beeds that blew around in the front to make it look like the motor was really running! I was convinced once that it really picked up dirt...