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Earth Day Resolutions Begin at Sunrise

I am so excited to have been able to share with you my favorite Earth Day products, ideas and websites in the Earth Day 22 countdown. I am finding myself making Eco-Resolutions today to put into place, not unlike New Year's I think we all have resolutions worth sticking to. I urge you to take up just 1 resolution. It WILL make the difference. Here are 5 more ideas that you may not be doing already that you can start tomorrow to undertake, see how it goes, it could become your new way of life.

1. Consider composting, take a few minutes to do some online research about how easy it can be, especially if you don't live in a tiny apartment like me. If composting isn't your cup of tea, consider donating your kitchen scraps to a community compost. I'm looking into that myself and hopefully in the next few weeks I will be donating my kitchen scraps to a neighborhood compost pile.

2. Speak up at work about the amount of wasted paper you see daily tossed. Even if it's going into the recycle bin. Sometimes it's hard to take action but it's important to be a voice.

3. Make the vow: it can be anything really, to buy only grass-fed beef, recycled paper towels, organic skin & hair care, soy-based printer ink, rechargeable batteries, whatever it may be, make the vow and stick to it, whatever the annoyance factor may be of seeking the item out!

4. If you're not finding what you are looking for at your favorite restaurants or grocery store, ASK, speak up and say, "why don't you sell grass-fed beef" or "where does this milk come from" the more you ask, the more likely the light bulb will go off in their minds that maybe it matters!

5. Tell a friend about Urban Branches, hey it may help change their outlook. (Shameless, but eco-friendly paperless advertising right there!)


Anonymous said...

Hello! I stumbled onto your blog...I love it! What about instead of composting or donating your compostable material, doing vermiculture - its easy and not smelly, and you can do it under your kitchen sink. "Kits" are easy to make with an old plastic container and the worms are cheap! Plus you'll have "black gold" for your house plants!

Lindsay said...

Hey Ari-

Totally! My fiance and I are looking into composting for sure. Our apartment is just so small, we only have one cabinete and it houses all of our kitchen stuff, so we are trying to make it happen!
Thanks for checking out my blog, keep coming back!