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Earth Day 22 #18 Tres Chic

I know I did a reusable bag yesterday, but I keep coming across ones I really do love, (ok maybe I do have an addiction) I had to do another!
If you've been to France you know that men and women carry reusable straw-like grocery bags when they run their local errands instead of using paper or plastic like us Americans....
In fact, the bags are so stylish that I bought one at Olive & Co. in Provence a few years back to use as my summer tote. I thought I'd see if they were easily available online, and boy did I find tons of links!
Here are 2 I thought I would share: ( I Googled "French market totes")

A classic handled hand woven tote $28 at
A double strapped (pictured above) bag $34.95 from
I adore mine, it's small making it perfect as a small handbag as well! I can't wait until the first day when I can wear a summer dress, sandals and head to the green market with my gorgeous french market tote in one hand and a lemonade in the other, ahhh summer is coming!

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Beddy said...

Hey I love them too! I bought one at theL'I'les sur Sorgue market a few years ago, and they NEVER go out of style.