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Earth Day 22 #13 Plant Me Organic

So you don't have your own compost (yet) but you can have natural organic soil to grow your plants, herbs and flowers. Kevin and I are growing basil for our homemade pizza and I can't imagine growing edible food in just any old soil (and by any old I mean soil full of chemicals that I will end up eating!).

Miracle Grow now makes Organic Potting Soil. There are many smaller companies that make similar products, but I do understand that this post is reaching people all over the country and I have to appeal to the ability for most of you to be able to find this. So if you can find organic potting soil at your local nursery that helps support a small business, go for it!

We picked up a bag of this soil a few weeks back, and I am practically counting the minutes to start planting all the flowers I have been dreaming about all winter long! Ahh!


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