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Earth Day 22 #22: Why Yes It's You!

I find nothing more calming than looking at trees, particularly lying down and gazing at them from below. I love how they are reaching up to the sky with endless possibilities. Those inspirations are what move people to make changes in their lives, changes that will help save the earth.

I've been thinking about today's Earth Day post since I began the Earth Day 22 countdown. What is important enough to be my # 1? What makes enough of a difference and enough of animpact to stand out amongst the rest. I finally found my answer:

You are the most important way to make a difference in this world. I can't stress enough the importance and sheer reality of the single change making all the difference. While nature is by no means a silent observer (this can be seen with the growing number of storms, hurricanes and life threatening disasters) it is the human voice that will ring the bell causing a ripple effect of change that will be felt around the world.

Listen carefully, nature is speaking to you. Can you hear it? Can you heart the wind howling, the birds singing, the rain falling around you, the ocean crashing against the shore, can you hear the voices speaking to you, asking for your attention?

Nature will outlive us, it will take back the earth we have destroyed. Selflessly though it is speaking out asking for the human race to stick around longer, to enjoy it's beauty and bath in it's sunlight.

Each day do your part, you owe it to yourself and the world around you.

As we are heading toward an election that may be the most important direction our country will take after a very long painful 8 years of policy making and governing, please listen how the candidates respond to questions revolving around the environment. Really look at how the future looks in their eyes. It is more important than every before.

Here's a beautiful line from Blessed Unrest by Paul Hawken that struck me as I read it this morning on the train to work,
No culture has ever honored its environment but disgraced its people, and conversely, no government can say it cares for its citizens while allowing the environment to be trashed.
As we celebrate this earth day today, I realize that our environment IS in fact, trashed. What does that say about the government? What does that say about how strongly our vote matters, and how important it is to push forward an agenda that supports the environment and it's people.

Take a moment today to think about this. That's all I could hope for. Happy Earth Day.



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Lindsay said...

You asked, I did! Thanks for the tip, hope this helps!