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Earth Day 22 #20 Regifting Transformed

It's that time of year again, weddings, Mother's day, Father's day and a few Summer birthdays...Oh what to get!

We've all regifted before, this time regifting in a new way. Give a gift that had a previous life and has been transformed into something new and beautiful. Viva Terra sells this stunning recycled glass wine carafe w/ 4 tumblers. They are beautifully etched and have a real rustic look. I adore them. Total cost $100.

Viva Terra has got the perfect gift for all occasions! They always have the environment in mind, and they choose the purest and most sustainable materials for all products. You can choose to have your items wrapped in recycled craft paper or reusable silk. So lovely. I mean, who wouldn't want to receive something this thoughtful?

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