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Eco-Fashionista: Charm Me

For the last year I have been on a quest for the perfect necklace. I have been acquiring different charms and jeweled pieces found in vintage bins and markets to make my own, but I’ve been waiting for the gods to shine down on me with something special. And by god, this week they have.

Alex and Ani ( is a new jewelry line that has the most exquisite and wearable jewelry I have come across in a long time. The best part? All designs are made from recycled metals. Carolyn Rafaelian, founder of Alex and Ani, is a conscious, eco-friendly designer that cares deeply about the planet and its inhabitants. Passionate about the environment, the quality of her work is not diminished because of it. She has patented the Signature Expandable Concept – an innovative way to make all her designs adjustable and wearable to and by all women. It is a line where consciousness and glamour coexist.

The line also supports charitable causes. Over the years, Alex and Ani have donated significant funds to various causes, including disaster relief funds and wildlife preservation endeavors. These pieces can be found under her charity designs on her website.

So if you’re looking for amazing bangles and charm necklaces, GO HERE!!

(Image of Jewelry:

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Anonymous said...

I want a whole arm full of them!