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Earth Day 22 #7: I see London, I see France...

I see London, I see France, I see your eco-underpants! That’s not the way it was shouted across the playground in grade school, but maybe the next generation will only be wearing eco-underwear. It can happen, can’t it?

Who wouldn’t want the cleanest, most natural and earth friendly fabrics touching their most intimate places. Avoid pesticide and chemical laden cottons, satins and silks by buying eco-friendly undies. They are popping up all over, but this website has some great choices for the fashion minded as well.

Here’s a great resource for all of your underwear needs:,
look for GREEN LEAVES in the left side 'Category' colum, click that!
The Green Leaves section houses their green underwear collection for both men and women. Brand offerings include Eberjey, Ballet, Amoralie, Greenknickers, Elita and Chantelle. I have been eyeing the Chantelle beige and white set that looks so soft and lovely. The collections range in fabrics from bamboo, organic cotton to hemp. Oh la la

(Image of Underwear:
(Image of Logo:

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