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Earth Day 22 #17: Flip & Tumble

Flip and Tumble. The name alone pulled me in! Flip and Tumble is a great line of reusable grocery/shopping totes that literally fold up to be about the size of a sock ball, and they happen to look very close to a sock ball when flipped correctly!

The directions are as follows (in my own words)

1. place your hand in the hand sized flap inside and scrunch up the bag in your hand
2. wrap the first flap over
3. wrap the second flap over
4. see your bag transform into a small easy to transport ball!

The bags are $12 bucks and with a flat rate shipping of $4 (up to 3 in that shipment) it's a must.

The bags come in great colors as well:

Oh, and at the end of the bags wonderful life, you can send the bag back and they'll recycle it for you.
Check out their site at

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