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Earth Day 22 #21 I'll Drink To That

Looking for the answers in the bottom of a bottle? Go ahead, as long as the bottle houses organic booze that is.

Square One Vodka is crafted from 100% organic American rye. Allison Evanow was inspired by how her Northern California community embraced the environment and took it upon herself to infuse the liquor industry with her brand of socially and ecologically responsible ideas.

Square One Vodka is bottled in non-frosted glass (most are in frosted glass which requires lots of chemicals in the process), the labels are made from bamboo, bagasse and sustainably grown cotton. In addition to the bottles and vodka, the company uses 25% wind generated power and sponsors green conferences & events such as Global Green and the Lohas 10 Conference.

The founder, Allison and I have been emailing back and forth as I write this, it's amazing how accessible she was and how important it was to her to speak directly to me about the company's mission to make their impact just a little bit lighter. Go Allison!

The next time you're heading to a house party or just need the bring back cocktail hour, grab a bottle of Square One Vodka and drink to a step towards a better tomorrow. Cheers!
For tons more infomation and a great introduction into their company ideals check their site:

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