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Earth Day 22 #14 Under Pressure

We all know by now to take shorter showers to save water and energy (you know, the energy that's used to heat that steamy hot water you like so much) Take it to the next level with Oxygenics shower heads. Kevin and I bought one maybe a year ago for our apartment bathroom and we love it. How Oxygenics works is as the water is coming out oxygen increases the velocity of the water, thus increasing water pressure with less water! Magic huh! Here the some raw numbers (oh I sound like Anderson Cooper!):

For the average home of 4 people, the water savings hits 40,150 gallons and 209 energy therms per year! That's a total savings of $296.52!

There are a few different styles and prices to choose from, we bought the TriSpa Series and love it, no build up and no upkeep! Check out for yourself!


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