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Earth Day 22 #5: Message In a Bottle

We've all heard the reasons why you shouldn't be buying bottled water, Here's some more quick facts that hopefully will help change you ways:

*Americans alone purchase 28 million bottles of water a year!

*Bottled water costs $10 a gallon, compared to tap water which comes in a 1 penny a gallon.

There are many great reusable bottles out there and that being said you can be picky and choose one that fits your personal style. I have my SIGG bottle that I love, but I found this great and though I'd share it. It's from, and they've got a few to choose from.

The Tappening bottles have great messages written on them such as Think Global Drink Local. Spread the message while you sip. They are available in stainless steel as well as hard plastic. There have been questions about plastic bottles such as these leeching chemicals into the water, and if you're worried stick to the stainless steel versions. These are hot items, so get one while you can. Visit to get your own.



Justin said...

I really do have to get a pimped out filter for my tab in my home. I am purchasing the large 5 gallon water bottles that are reused by Poland springs but the fuel used to deliver etc... is not good at all

Lindsay said...

I live in Greenpoint and our water has a very odd smell, so we buy PUR filter pitchers and love them. We used to buy the largest Smart Water available but were spending $15 a week on them and having to lug them home as well...bad news! Get that filter!