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Who Doesn't Love a Meyer!

Sunday is usually laundry day at my house. There's nothing quite like fresh washed sheets straight from the dryer smelling of lovely natural scents. Now you don't have to compromise your green nature at the laundry mat. Not only are there tons of great laundry room options for the eco-minded, but in my opinion they work better!

Kevin and have tried a bunch of different products and we switch up our routine too, it's fun! We've used Seventh Generation, Ecover, Mrs. Meyer's and Method for both detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets.

I love Mrs. Meyer's lavender dryer sheets!! They are made from biodegradable paper and contain vegetable (not chemical) based fabric softener. I use each sheet at least 2 times to stretch the dollar. You can also use these as closet refreshers or anywhere you need to soften the scent.
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Mrs. Meyer's makes tons of great products and I love them all but today I am highlighting her dryer sheets! If you can't afford them, please use something equally free of chemicals. And don't think "unscented" or "free and clear" means anything other than it has no scent but still has all the chemicals. Just read the ingredients.


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Anonymous said...

I love Ms.Myer's but I make my own detergent - its easy, really cheap, and eco friendly. I have the receipe on my blog if you're curious....oh and my clothes come out really soft w/out a dryer sheet and smell good too!