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Green Your Diet Series v.2: Cheers

I'm sitting at my desk, longing for the end of the day when I can relax with a glass of wine and enjoy some conversation. I urge you to do the same tonight, but pick up a bottle of organic wine to truely "green" your red or white. Drinks are often left out of the mix when it comes to discussing organics, fruits and vegetables are often thought of first, but to truely turn that green leaf and make the change you've got to embrace the organic movement into all parts of your life, including the wine you drink.
Conventional wine is grown with chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Organic wine does not. Need I say more? Well in case you answered yes here you go! Organic wine is a "get back to nature" approach to grape growing, it's farming the way you should be farming, following the sun, lunar cycles and enriching the soil with cover crops instead of taking from the land all it has and replacing it with chemicals left beind. Ew that's not very thoughful is it?

Frog's Leap is a Califrornia winery built on respectable morals and a passion for the earth. They are a 100% solar powered, and geo-thermal operation, complete with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification) office and hospitality buildings. They recycle, use double paned windows to keep heat and cool air in (or out), and use low emiting materials (like paints, carpets and sealents), and if that's not all they practice what I like to call Zen Farming. Zen farming is using the land to help guide you, not trying to out smart it with chemicals and pesticides.
Their wines include Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah. Their site is wonderful and full of great animation, a must check out:
So next time your browing at your local wine shop, seek out organic wine, if not Frog's Leap, than another organic producer, it makes a difference to your health and the health of the planet.

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