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Shave off Some Bad Eco-Karma

Dry your razor blade after each use, this will extend the life of your razor and keep more of them out of landfills. Why you ask, well they will rust at a slower rate.

I found this fact online: americans toss roughly 2 billion disposable razors and cartridges each year.

You can also go greener with your razor choice by purchasing razors & razor blades made from recycled materials, Preserve makes a great one! Yes, the same company that makes preserve toothbrushes, tupperware and cutting boards.
Check out the site online for more information and where to buy:



Miss MK said...

Urban Rustic market in williamsburg sells these! they sell the 4 pack and a single with 1 extra blade. considering that 5 gillette blades cost over $10 the Preserve 4pack is a way better deal at approx $7.

Lindsay said...

I love Urban Rustic!!!