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New Orleans: A City To Inspire

The vibrant, stunningly beautiful and tender New Orleans.

Amidst the drunk Bourbon street tourists and bead wearing twenty somethings was a city full of rich history, pride and beauty. I saw a passion and love for nature. I saw beautiful trees rising up touching the heavens. I saw balconies overflowing with foliage and flowers. I fell in love with the tender side of New Orleans, the French influence took my breath away. Stuck on cars all over the city were message of hope, via bumper sticker.


Ari said...

I love NOLA!! Its my "soul city" - I went the first time last summer and loved every minute of it! Where did you stay and more importantly did you eat local?

Lindsay said...

We stayed at Maison Dupuy, where the wedding we were attending was held. It's on Toulouse street. So lovely.

We ate local yes, no chains or big name spots! I can taste me freshly made beignet and iced coffee now....mmmm

carolyn said...

all the bumper stickers remind me of the 60's and VW vans (which Kevins' dad drove with much pride!). Good memories.