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Heading To Nawlins

So, I am off tomorrow morning to New Orleans for a friend's wedding! I will be bringing my green down south for a few days. I am excited and nervous to see how New Orleans has changed since I saw it many years ago. To many Hurricane Katrina was a stark reminder of the effects global warming is having on the world already. All the more reason to stand up and make the changes NOW.

Urban Branches will be "on hold" until I return unless I find my way to a computer while down there. Enjoy the long weekend, and think about ways to make your memorial day weekend greener, from ditching the paper plates for real dishes or buying an organic brew for your BYOB BBQ, whatever you do this weekend, stop and think of how you can make your choice a bit healthier for the planet.

Here are some super easy ideas to get you inspired:

*Take reusable bags to the store for your holiday food items
*Say no to plastic cups, if you're hosting that is.
*If you're bringing something to a party, make it organic!
*Opt for large bottles of items like sodas and condiments instead of multi packs of small individual sizes
*Ride your bike instead of driving somewhere
*Finally take that bag of clothes to the Salvation Army, Good Will or local donation spot
*Take the opportunity with the long weekend and finally plant that garden or work in the yard
*Since you've got a few extra hours to spare, research green initiatives in your neighborhood and see what you can do to contribute
*Read the articles you've been to busy to read on Urban Branches :)

Voila! Eco-Holiday Weekend, that was easy wasn't it!


Anonymous said...

Hope you have fun at the wedding! Don't forget about carpooling when driving is needed [:

Lindsay said...

We did! We rented a car and gave rides to friends that were there as well. Great fun!