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Earth Mama: G is for Green and Good

As Mother's Day approaches I've been thinking about all the new or soon to be Mamas out there and what they are facing when choosing diaper systems. Disposable diapers make life much easier than cloth diapers I can imagine, but the effect on the environment has got to make a few new Moms shudder.

One company is leading the way in environmental design as well as functionality. G Diapers!

Here's how G Diapers work, basically G Diapers are a reusable, washable cotton "pant" (they look like a diaper) like item that your baby wears over and over, in turn saving tons of waste. There is a 'flushable' insert that absorbes the majority of what your baby is producing. There's also a snap in liner that catches any extra, that too is washable and it's suggested you purchase at least 2 so you can swap them out. The flushable/compostable/tossable pad is all you end up having to deal with! Flushing them is easy and simple, there's a great video on their website showing exactly how to flush properly. If you don't want to flush you can compost or toss out.

Since you can simply toss them into the trash it's just as simple as tossing disposable diapers!

To be honest, I have no clue how much diapers cost, but these babies are priced pretty well. The reusable diapers are $16.99 (they suggest getting at least 2 so you'll have one ready if you need to switch them out to wash) and you can purchase the inserts in different size packages, 40 diapers for $14.49 for example. You can shop online, but G Diapers are also available at Whole Foods locations around the country.

Facts to astound you!

*18-23 Billion diapers are sold annually in the United States and ALL are thrown away, ending up in landfills for roughly 500 years before they breakdown, G diapers break down in 50-150 days, that's a huge difference! This is due to the polyprolylene used to make the outer and other layers of the disposable diapers.

*3.5 million tons of poop and plastic go into the grown in the United States each year.

*Disposable diapers are the 3rd largest consumer item in our garbage system

*You can Compost, Toss or Flush your G diaper 'flushable insert'

Check out the G Diapers website, they've got tons of information about how diapers impact the environment and what you can do to make a difference. Learn how to use the diapers in their great short How To Videos and get your first set of G Diapers right on the website.

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