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Eco-Fashionista: Juice Beauty

Most women have rigid cleansing routines in the am and pm. At least I do, and I’m pretty sure it verges upon being OCD. Putting the daily shower/shave aside, there’s the face wash (two in the shower I rotate, one exfoliator twice a week, the other a clay wash), and then the under eye de-puffer/anti-wrinkle cream (you are never to young to start preventative wrinkle measures!!!). Then there’s the serum I put on to fight free-radicals, which is followed by my SPF 15 face moisturizer that claims to be a multi-protection fluid that help prevent first signs of aging as well as energies. At night it’s a different face wash, eye make up remover, different under eye cream to help put moisture in my skin to fight unsightly crows feet, on the spot acne treatment on those nasty little buggars that show up every once in a while, and a light moisturizer to finish.
AM I CRAZY? Probably….but it seems to be doing the trick. But with all that I use, there’s a difference in what I put on my face. There are those products that I use and that I love, and those that I simply love and can’t live without and refuse to use any other product.

This is the mantra behind Juice Beauty. They guarantee an all-natural, organic product that you will not be able to live without! Juice Beauty uses over 40 organic, raw ingredients including juice, aloe vera, honey, botanicals, plant oils, sugar, and essential fatty acids directly from USDA approved certified organic farms, and holds certificates of organic authenticity for all of their ingredients.

Started by Karen Behnke and Melissa Jochim, these two Californian women believed that living an organic lifestyle extended far beyond what you put in your body, but also to what you put on your body. What makes this organic brand so unique is the fact that they use JUICE, instead of water. Almost like going to Abdul my juice man on 7th ave, they send a menu of frozen five-gallon pails of apple, lemon, pomegranate and white grape juices (to name a few) to the lab. These juices have an expiration date of a few months, so you can imagine how “fresh” your products are!! Even their packaging is make of soy-based ink and recycled packaging!

If you’re thirsting for a new product, or simply wanting to go green in your choices, I highly recommend Juice Beauty. I have to tell you, I’m stuck on some of my products, but others I’ve been debating a change. I went to Sephora ( to check out the products in person. They really were yummy! They had subtle undertones of fragrance, nothing heavy. All the products were light and smooth. They blended well onto the skin and left it amazingly soft, not oily at all! And they have a product for everyone.

They have four core collections: Green Apple Body Brilliance Collection, an Anti-Aging Regimen, Oily/Combination/Blemish Regimen, and Sensitive Skin Regimen.
If you go to their website: you can even find out through an online test what products are right for you depending on the type of skin you have!

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