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Eat Less Meat(&poultry)! The amount of energy, water and food wasted on transforming animals into human food is disturbing and wasteful. It's only ignorance if you believe this isn't true.
If you must eat meat (which I still do) limit your meat/poultry intake, stop eating it for lunch, have meat/poultry free weeks here and there to help balance it out and reduces the impact on the earth. It's easy to get into the habit of eating meat/poultry at almost every meal, just like it's easy to get into the habit of NOT eating it at every meal. I never eat meat/poultry at breakfast and almost never at lunch. It's only a dinner food, and I try hard to limit my intake of meat/poultry to a few times a week at most. Come to think of it, I think Kevin and I need to do another meat/poultry free week soon....

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david santos said...

Hello, Lindsay!
Excellent work and excellent blog.
Have a nice weekend.