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Eco-Fashionista: 'Just Do It' Green

Okay, so you’ve finally switched your wardrobe to organic fabrics and vegetable shoes. You’re looking good and feeling great. But part of that is because you just got up and went to the gym before work this morning, and what did you wear? Rubber soled gym shoes. Unfortunately vegan shoe lines have yet to tackle athletic footwear, but there is hope. Nike, although once having the reputation for being an environmental and social enemy, seems to be making strides in more sustainable production practices.

Nike’s ACG line of sneakers is the best example in positive green evolution in active footwear. They use reground soles acquiring rubber from used shoes through its Reuse-A-Shoe program, and are PVC free. It is their longest active “Let me Play” campaign catering to environmental and community programs. You can drop off your old sneakers at:

6 E 57TH ST
NEW YORK, NY 10022

They will be reground and reused in new sneakers! And currently they are developing a material for the soles of sneakers that would safely and harmlessly biodegrade in soil. Don’t ask me how, but I’m quite excited about it.
So as the weather starts to turn to spring, and new shoes need to be bought, keep in mind some Vegan and PVC free options!

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