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Eco-Fashionista: Green Queen

I remember my prom. Well, it’s more like I can’t escape the flashbacks, whenever I hear the word, and no matter how often I seem to try to hide the ghastly photos, they always seem to creep back into existence.
It wasn’t like I had a bad prom. The memories were fond, but I get a shiver down my spine just thinking about it, which changes into eruptions of laughter due to my choices in fashion. I mean, did I have to be an individual? My favorite year? Long purple skirt, purple tube top with silver shimmer tiger print, telephone chord spirally hair which made my blonde navel long locks as short as my chin, like Shirley Temple, large chunky and strappy heels, complete with a purple bindi in the middle of the forehead. Not my proudest moment, even though the hair still looked fantastic the next day after a long night and little sleep.

Prom is a time of year where girls pull out all the stops. Yet it occurs to me, as we are in the midst of prom season as school is coming to a close for summer, that everyone that goes to a prom wants to be an individual. Whether it’s best dress, best entrance, best at pretending you don’t care, best at not dressing up, best at spiking the punch…the list goes on…you want to stand out. So why not do it by being green?
Here are a few tips you can use so you can remember your prom, not only for having an impeccable sense of style, but for doing your part in going green.

1) Shop for a dress at vintage shop. I’m not necessarily talking about going to the salvation army. There are consignment shops and flea markets that sell well preserved dresses that will surely be one of a kind.

2) You could make your own dress, like Molly Ringwall in Pretty in Pink. Piece dresses together from vintage shops. Or Borrow from a friend that went to another school.

3) If you do want a dress (which girls on average across America pay $500 on a dress for one night only) Why not invest in a dress made from sustainable fabrics that didn’t use toxic chemicals or unfair labour?

4) Men always have rented tuxedos, why not rent a dress? Why spend a bundle on a dress for one night? At closet elite you can rent a used designer gown for half the price, and they deliver to your door with a returnable envelope.

5) If you do buy a dress, donate it afterwards so someone less fortunate than you can have a chance at looking great at their prom.

6) Instead of renting a hummer or limo to get to the prom, why not spend the money on a horse drawn carriage, or a bicycle built for two? Using a normal family car and carpooling is okay as well! And its not so embarrassing if everyone’s dad’s drove them to the prom!

7) Instead of going to a restaurant, try hiring a personal chef for the evening that can shop beforehand at an organic market and cook for everyone at one house.

8) Make sure your corsages and boutonnieres are flowers from an organic flower shop. Or be unique; use henna or vintage jewelry instead.

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