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Green Your Diet Series v.1: Less is More

I just read a great article "Go Green and Cut Red Meat" reaffirming my feelings that cutting out red meat is not only better for your wallet but better for the environment. It is true that when people get there hands on money, they go buy meat, they celebrate with a steak dinner and feel on top of the world. It is important to move away from this notion that meat=higher status. In my opinion meat often means simply sticking with norms, that's all. Break out of that standard, create amazingly delicious meals without meat, you'll be happier and in most cases (because likely the meat you're eating isn't grass fed, humanely raised without antibiotics) healthier.
Cutting down on meat is the socially, ethically and environmentally responsible choice we can all make. Animal farming accounts for about 18% of total global greenhouse emissions, that number comes from the United Nations Food & Agriculture organization's 2006 annual report. (source: Farm Sanctuary)
"Our appetite for meat is actually fueling global warming and other major environmental
problems" -Gene Baur, Farm Sanctuary
Here are some highlights from the article, but please click to read the rest of this great piece.

We often forget all that goes into meat production, from raising the animals to processing them for consumption, water, grass/grain/soy (hopefully grass!), fuel in transportation, energy to process, packaging and the list continues.

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