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I'll Take My Burger La Cense Please!

Hopefully by now you are all seeking grass-fed beef at all times, refraining from eating at joints that don't serve it up right and speaking out to your grocers to get grass-fed beef in stock! If you're having trouble finding grass-fed I have found a great online resource for all of your pasture needs.

La Cense Beef prides themselves on being a "Direct From Ranch To Door" operation. The ranchers rotate their cattle on pasture, raising 100% grass-fed beef, not beef that has been "finished" on grain or fed any type of grass mixture, La Cense is the real deal. The cattle is raised on 88,000 acres of Montana pasture. Their cows are never fed hormones, are not raised on feedlots and are never around any pesticides.

Raising cows on grass is not only a better choice for the cow, who won't have to suffer the health problems associated with grain or corn fed diets, but it's healthier for us to. Grass-fed beef has 5 times the omega 3's and CLA's than grain/corn fed cows. These are the vital nutrients that fight heart attacks, cancer and improve brain function. Grass-fed beef is also high in Vitamin A, E and Beta Carotene. Take that grain fed! Grain-fed beef has higher levels of cholesterol, fat and calories. (Remind me again why we eat it?)

In the midst of beef recalls around the country, rest assured that La Cense beef has never been recalled and doesn't raise their cows in conditions conducive to food borne illness (ie feedlots, pumping cows full of antibiotics and feeding them animal remains)

I know ordering from this company means shipping is involved and I know that isn't the greenish choice to make, but unless you live on a ranch, I doubt most of your food comes from the 100 mile radius we should all strive for. Do seek out local choices, but if you can't find it, this is a great option that benefits you, the animal and the farmer. Now "can't find it" is no excuse. And another thing, if you find this beef pricey, eat beef less, that's taking step towards a healthier planet as well. Kevin and I purchase grass-fed beef in our neighborhood that comes from a NY farm, it's pricier so we only eat it about 2 times a month, making the cost not seem so high. It can be done, you just have to do it!

When you checkout at type in this code for free shipping: EW5 (expires June 30,2008) There, I just made it that much harder to turn down!

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