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Green Your Diet Series V.4 Prepare Greener

Ok, so you've taken my advice and enjoyed some organic wine, switched to whole grains and lessened the meat in your diet. You think I am done with you, no way!

Preserve products are no stranger to Urban Branches, I've been tooting their horn for a while and have finally switched to their toothbrush (love it!) as well as tongue cleaner and have gifted the razor & blades to friends and family. They have a robust kitchen line I thought important to tell you about.

Their product lines include 100% (yes 100%, not 30, or 40 but the full 100!) recycled materials made into cutting boards, colanders and food storage containers. They are all dishwasher safe too! The best part is that they are made from #5 recyclables, which in NY state cannot be recyled (because it costs too much, not because it can't be done), so they are turning literal trash into a wonderful and useful product. Go Preserve! Kevin and I collect #5's under our sink to donate to them, our bag is full and I am looking forward to handing over a years worth of #5's to be made into new products.

These products can be purchased around the country and are found at Whole Foods. Check them out, they are worth it! They come in a wide array of bright colors and are totally affordable.

Here's the link to their website to read more:
Pssst, the collection would make a great housewarming gift!

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