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Will you be my Giver?

This Valentine's Day give someone you love the gift of giving. Opt out of the oh so typical box of chocolates or roses (unless of course they are Veraflora certified that is) and give a donation to Oxfam. Let your sweetie choose the gift, you'll be surprised how sexy giving can make you feel! Oxfam America is an amazing organization which works in 26 countries around the world to help eradicate poverty. The organization has created a really great site and gives gifting program to help make giving a bit more hands on. You can purchase gifts under $50 like a set of blankets, a cooking stove or a medical kit. You can donate enough to give an animal to a farmer such as a camel, goat or sheep! (What a great gift for kids to give their friends!) Their gifts are in categories such as; emergency essentials, furred & feathered, green gifts, women & children and school days. So go ahead, check out their site:

When you gift something, let me know! I want to hear about it. My personal favorite gift to give? You can donate $90 and provide gender rights training for community activists, giving not just one gift but an ongoing community gift to the many women who will benefit. Oh, and the gift of the crocodile of course!

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carolyn said...

I don't think I did very well on the recycling survey. We're working on getting other items on Tiki Island recycled besides newspapers. Us "old folks" can learn so much from you kiddos.