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Happy Birthday SIGG!

So, you want to do something simple and inexpensive for the environment you say? Get a SIGG aluminum drinking bottle! The SIGG brand turns 100 today so you know they've had time to perfect their product. The bottles come in a variety of sizes and styles for easy personalization.
Here are some quick facts for you:
*The bottle design has been shown at the MOMA in New York.
*They are durable, and pretty much unbreakable (go ahead and try).
*The lining is resistant to fruit acid, alcohol, carbonated drinks etc. so you can put any beverage in there.
*Bottle lining is scent neutral so you won't have to worry about that funky aroma anymore.
*The bottles come in a variety of styles include, flowers, skulls, cartoon characters, solids and stripes.
*Americans throw away 30+ million PET (petroleum based plastic) a year that end up in landfills, and of the ones recycled a portion cannot be reused. The manufacturing and transportation of these bottles burns 1.5+ million barrels of fossil fuels a year!

SIGG is an amazing company and is worth your dollar. They manufacture products in an ecologically-friendly environment and the bottles themselves are 100% recyclable. They are a member of the 1% For The Planet organization (they donate 1% of all sales to organizations focused on environmental causes) Sounds pretty good huh? There’s more!

They are doing some cool stuff on their site to celebrate their 100th birthday. They are showing the 100 eco-moments of all time on the site They've got a live chat where you can talk directly to environmental leaders like Laurie David, Ed Begley Jr. and Zem Joaquin (of You can take a Global Warming IQ test and as if that wasn't enough you can win a fabulous trip to Hawaii for a 2 day music festival promoting environmental education in schools (wish me luck on winning)! So log on to and to purchase your very own SIGG bottle. I’ve got mine, now get yours. (Image Credit:


Chels said...

I Love my SIGG thanks to you!! I use it everyday, can't imagine leaving the house without it.

Lindsay said...

Thanks Chelsea! I picked that one out for you specially!