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Definition: Locavore

- a person who tries to consume food grown, produced, processed (if needed) and distributed within a 100-mile radius. By doing this the consumer supports local agriculture and/or businesses and cuts down on the travel time thus cutting out the large amounts of fuel used to ship, drive or fly food around the country and around the world.
You can take part in this movement by purchasing locally produced goods, frequenting farmers markets, joining a CSA (community supported agriculture) that delivers you local farmed produce, dairy and sometimes flowers and eating what’s in season and grown locally (eating strawberries in December might be yummy, but I can bet they were shipped or flown in from far away where weather conditions allow them to grow during winter).

Locavore the word is said to have been coined in 2005 by a small group of women in San Francisco. Oxford American Dictionary declared ‘Locavore’ the Word of the Year last year! Yay!

So, find out what your state and cities around you produce locally, support those businesses and bam, you can call yourself a locavore! Easy as pie (made with locally and organically grown fruits of course!)

Go to and type in your zip code, state or city to find out what is available near you! Great site full of information! (


Chelsea said...

I am all for locally grown products! Here's the problem though...they are often more expensive! That's the same with organic food. Hopefully, the more people purchase local and organic food, the more widely available they will become and perhaps then the price will come down. There's a reason why McDonalds and such are so cheap and healthy foods tend to cost more. I look forward for the day that it is reversed.

Lindsay said...

Well organic and local foods are more expensive because you are paying the farmer (for example) a fair wage for his product. We assume that products should be cheap because we have become used to the marketplace cheating them out of their fair pay. Most small famers just break even if at all most years. I've been reading how scary it is to become a farmer! I know it isn't great, but these prices may end up being what we should be paying for in reality. But I do think the government should be helping small farmers instead of giving subsidies to corporate farmers like they are.