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Plant me a Miracle

Here’s one really easy way to ecofy your life. Get a few plants. Ones that you can actually keep alive! Do some online research, find out what does well inside in semi-shade. My “urban garden” keeps me happy and helps clean the air of toxins. It’s magical! I have successfully kept alive a huge aloe plant, lambs ear, eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary. They are my babies….I take such good care of them. It is hard in this city, with such small apartments to have plants I know, but it is worth the time and space loss. Once summer hits, you can move them onto balconies, fire escapes or window sills no longer blocked for winter with heat saving plastic! My advice is avoid the stunning orchids that bloom once, die and leave you depressed yearning for the god awful silk orchids you see forever “blooming” in shop windows. Get herbs! They will enhance your cooking and look great on the window ledge. There’s nothing as special as when Kevin, my fiancé and I are cooking and I can run over and pull of a sprig of Rosemary to add to our dinner. Go out there, get some plants and breathe a little fresher air!


Chelsea said...

Great idea!! Nothing like fresh herbs in a home cooked meal.
I'm so proud of you!!

Brettabelle said...

I'm soo proud of you lindsay for starting your blog! i'm so into the herbs!!!!