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Closet Goldmine

One really wonderful way to keep the green (in your wallet too!) going is to repair, alter and reuse things you already have. For example, when you're cleaning out your closet. While it's great to donate, sometimes rethinking a piece you used to love is just the ticket to getting the most out of it while saving some money and helping keep the item around just a little longer. Shoes are a big one for me; I fall in love with shoes and wear them to the death. I do though strongly believe that a shoemaker can work magic repairing most damage. Dresses and skirts can be taken in and let out giving them a whole new look. Wide leg jeans can be tailored to be skinny. The list goes on. Invest in what you've already invested in, find a good tailor, stick with them, they will deliver you a new wardrobe! Enjoy! (and if all else fails, donate!)

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