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A Shocking Truth

With the rising concern of GM (Genetically Modified) animals and foods we can rest assure that certified organic products are not allowed to be genetically modified. That means if it scares you that cows have already been cloned and their offspring have somehow been "lost" among the cow population and are making their way into your diet, stick to organic meat and poultry. In addition, conventionally (conventionally grown means NOT ORGANIC) grown produce is allowed to have 500+ additives in it! Think about that for just a second. Most of these additives are highly controversial chemicals under investigation as we speak. Why tempt the devil, buy organic and be safer!



carolyn said...

I'm going to be buying some beef from Amy & Jeffs' neighbors - - absolutely free of any chemicals and grain fed. I can't wait! It will all be mine as Jim doesn't eat red meat. YAH!

Lindsay said...

That's so great! What a great way to support the neighbors as well.