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We Need A Junk Mail Super Hero

You don’t need to tell me twice how hard it is these days to save money. That’s why giving to charitable organizations becomes harder and harder. We can’t forget them though! Here’s a great organization that not only does great things for the environment but you get something out of it.

Green Dimes helps to put an end to the piles of junk mail you receive at home by working hard to keep you off of those mailing lists including insurance offers, credit card offers, coupon mailers, sweepstakes, solicitations, retail catalogs you never elected to receive… but don’t worry, anything you have elected to receive (by signing up for example at a store or website for a catalog) they don’t interfere with. So for 20$ a year they keep you off the endless lists your name ends up on. In exchange they plant trees, giving back to the earth. They review mailer lists monthly to keep your mailbox clear. You’ll see results within 3 months. I’ve been a member for about a year, and I can say I have not received a credit card or solicitation since. Whoohoo.

Check out these stats:
*Since launching in September of 2006 they have stopped 3,349,517 pounds (!) of junk mail from reaching your mailbox, thus saving hundreds of thousands of trees from being cut down.
* Planted hundreds of thousands of trees as well (this number grows by the second on a chart on their website it’s up to 1,011,960 the last time I checked.)
*Stopped 542,362 catalogs from clogging your mailbox.
*Has over 191,632 members, will you be the next one to make their list?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3
1.Go to (link also in my websites box to the left)
2.Sign up and choose what you do and don’t want coming to your mailbox every day
3.Sit back and enjoy less junk mail, less garbage to toss (recycle I mean) and cleaner air to breath.

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