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Maiden Voyage- a la my first blog!

I want to take you into a world where you can in fact make a difference in this world with small choices made each day. I remember my first Earth Day celebration, it was a sort of community festival. What it did was show me the fun involved, the excitement and satisfaction at doing something positive. What I can tell you is the more I delve into the subject of "going green" I am amazed at the never ending stream of knowledge available. This isn't a "hot topic" or a "celebrity trend" here, this has been going on for ages and is just now becoming more mainstream. This is here to stay. I hope this blog can be a space to share vision, ideas and information. What I hope to do is make you smile, think and appreciate the small details of this world. I live my life and I do what I can. That's all I am putting forth here. I am not proposing we all move to farms and raise our own vegetables, though that does seem like a lovely fantasy to me! I am proposing making small choices every day that will make a difference. I am working to find ways to incorporate green visions into my life all the time, this is a never ending process and I intend to keep at it forever. Urban Branches is my City Girl's Guide to Going Green!


Anonymous said...

All this AND planning a wedding?!! How do you do it all!?

Adrienne said...

This is a lovely idea... I can't wait to make reading it part of my daily routine.

Kevin said...

I am so proud of this women, she never ceases to amaze me with her passion!

Congratulations Bo-Bo.