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Fleurs For Your Sweetie

Are you thinking about getting flowers this Valentine's Day? Why not go organic with your flowers this year?

Many think organic is only related to what you eat, NOT TRUE! The flower industry is responsible for polluting so much soil with pesticides and chemicals. Not to mention the social impact this industry has around the world with the vast amount of jobs created that are often unchecked for fair conditions and fair wages.

Veriflora is the first program to label flowers so that the average citizen knows they are buying ecologically and socially responsible stems. Veriflora guarantees their flowers/potted plants are produced in an environmentally and socially responsible way (as well as meeting the highest standards of freshness & quality, nice!). When you choose flowers certified with Veriflora’s mark of approval you are buying into a system that promotes fair wages, resource conservation, eco-system protection and positive changes for farmers. Not only do you get the benefit of gorgeous flowers brightening up your home/garden, but you know you have made your dollar worth something greater than its monetary value. That is the best gift anyone can give or receive.

For more information on the Veriflora certification and where to purchase go to their website

One site that offers Veriflora approved flowers is They have beautiful bouquets and potted plants. I’ve ordered from the site before and had great results! The picture included is the "1 Dozen Aphrodite Roses" for $49.95. Know anyone who loves beautiful roses? Ya, that's what I thought, go ahead and get to it.


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