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Composting: A Love Story

So, I’ve been dreaming of composting for about a year now. Imagining using my own nutrient rich compost soil in my little urban garden, gifting jars of it to friends who have houseplants and bringing a bag of soil home for my parents instead of a bag of laundry! It really is a beautiful image to me. Urban composting is a bit scary to jump into, especially since I live in a small shoebox apartment (lovely yes, but small). I think I’ve found the answer though. Nature Mill makes an automatic composter! Hard to believe but true. Until I have a big house with a backyard to be home to my large compost bin which I will turn lovingly to create rich compost soil I will resort to dreaming about getting myself this Nature Mill automatic composter.

*Fully Automatic
*Odor Free
*Recycles its weight in waste every 10 days!
*Can add food waste (including meat and poultry), up to 12lbs a month!
*Get nutrient rich soil every 2 weeks
*Can be used indoor or outdoor (slides into a cabinet!)
*Has a powerful carbon filter to extinguish any lasting odors

The one draw back, it costs $299 (expensive yes, but a dream still). The waste this thing will cut down is amazing, I’d love to figure out how many trash bags I’d save a year, how long would it be before I could call it even, hmmm…..and should I add this to my wedding registry?

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