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Don't get GreenWashed!

Beware of GreenWashing!
I was at lunch today discussing “green companies” and the topic of greenwashing came up. I thought it most important to bring this to Urban Branches for you all. How I define green washing:

GreenWashing: When a company claims they are doing something eco-friendly or green when they are really only doing it to gain profit or a better public image. While they may be making a lesser impact on the environment than before it doesn’t excuse the overall impact a company has on the world around them.
To me it’s the same as brushing your teeth with organic toothpaste but leaving the water on running at full blast while doing it. I mean come on, what is the priority, self love because you’re choosing something organic or environmental impact of your choices?

Please beware of companies who say they are “going green” or are being more “natural.” Really investigate their message and /or ingredients and practices. For example, there are companies that use a single natural ingredient such as an essential oil in their product and call the product the natural choice, while the rest of their ingredients are all chemicals that are horrible for both you and the environment. It is disgusting to me that companies are hanging onto the eco-friendly bandwagon by a thread catching the fame and glory and not to mention reaping the profits. I promise I will be adding specific product details to this topic and will continue to investigate it myself. I just wanted to get this out there while I am still riled up about it! Please let me know your thoughts and if you have product/brand specifics, let me know. When you do find a company whose commitment to nature and their consumers truly exemplifies the green message, embrace them and support them whole heartedly!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to people like you, consumers are catching on to Green Washing. There will be a backlash to brands that jump on the green bandwagon when they are truly not green.

The consumer rules and is gaining more and more insight into enviornmental and social responsibility each day. Keep up the good(and green) work.