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What’s sustainable, grows extremely fast and is green all over? If you guessed bamboo you’re right!
Bamboo is a sustainable eco-friendly fabric choice that is making its way into the mainstream. Bamboo is often thought of as a tree, it’s actually grass and grows up to 75 feet in under 60 days! This makes it an extremely sustainable and renewable fabric choice. Bamboo does not require pesticides or herbicides naturally either making it an obvious choice for the earthy friendly seeking shopper.
Bamboo fabric is made by taking the pulp of the bamboo and separating it into thin fibers and then spinning it into yards, which is then woven into cloth. Pretty simple huh!
Bamboo is a wonderful cotton alternative, in my organic cotton post earlier we saw how destructive growing conventional (non-organic) cotton can be both on the environment and those farmers harvesting it.
It has becoming increasingly easy to buy bamboo products. A great way to start is buy purchasing bamboo towels. We’ve got some ourselves and adore them. Bamboo has excellent wicking capabilities, meaning it draws moisture away from the body (making it great for workout clothing too!). Up next for fabrics? Hemp… stay tuned

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