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What Would I Take on a Deserted Island? This Product!

We are all looking for that 1 product that has many uses. I think I’ve found it. Calendula. It a flower in the daisy family and has been used since at least the 12th century to heal, and it is still going strong!
Think of calendula as your soothing friend, helping to sooth irritated skin due to eczema, cysts, minor wounds, diaper rash, chapped skin, burns, sore throats… Calendula can be made into ointment, salve, balm, cream, body lotion, soap, liquid form, tea and more I can imagine!
I use calendula ointment as a general-purpose soother for any minor cuts or irritations.
Calendula Usage Tips:
*Steep a calendula tea bag in water and once it’s cooled off, use as a gargle for a sore throat
*Apply to small cuts
*Use to soften calloused hands and feet
*Lip balm for chapped lips
*Sooth itchy eczema skin
*Apply to sooth diaper rash
*Apply to burns to aid in healing

So, grab a tube, bottle or tub and start healing!

(Image: Calendula Flower (Image: Calendula Boiron

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Anna said...

I am actually will be growing this flower this year. I can't agree with you more about its healing properties. Anna