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Can Taxes be Eco-Friendly?

I did my taxes today! They've been staring at me for weeks now taunting me with their numbers and confusing directions. It wasn't that bad actually and I found myself pleasantly surprised with the new technology based options online. I've used online tax filing options before but had to print and send them in myself, all 15 pages or so. I used TurboTax again this year and ended up doing my taxes completely paperless! They now have a complete e-file option. Plus I get my refund directly deposited into my bank account (again no paper!) and it only cost me about $50. I'd pay for not having to do them on paper any day, especially since they make it easy by loading your information throughout all forms once it's been entered once. Just a tip, when paying choose to pay with your credit card (instead of the "take it out of my refund"option) and you'll save $30! Good Luck! (Image:

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