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Urban Branches Gift Guide: Animal Aid

During the holiday season, we mustn't forget to give voice to the voiceless. Animals. What better time to share with your children the plight of the animals of the world, be it endangered species, unwanted shelter pets or victims of abuse and cruelty. It is always valuable to teach our children how to treat, protect and enjoy animals.

There are many ways you can do this, here's some great ideas:

1. Call your local shelter and see if they need anything, like towels or blankets. Then take the chance to clean out your closets and donate your unneeded linens.

2. Donate money to an animal related charity such as: ASPCA, North Shore Animal League, Farm Santuary or Sea Shepard

3. Sponsor an animal, this not only teaches the recipient about giving but it shares the animal story with you. Here are some great ideas:

*North Shore Animal League- You can sponser a pet in need

*World Wildlife Fund - Sponsor a variety of 90 animals, including snow lepords, pandas and

*National Wildlife Federation - "Adopt" a polar bear and pass on your knowledge of global warming

*The Dian Fossey Foundation - Help continue her amazing work to save the world's Gorillas.

Even if you have only a few dollars this year to give, it's important. So bring your lunch to work, skip the afternoon latte and give what you can. I know I am.

(Images: WWF-, National Wildlife Federation-, Dian Fossey-, North Shore Animal League-

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