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Eco-Fashionista: Bathroom Bliss

While cleaning the bathroom today, it got me thinking. My current bathroom cleaner isn’t eco-friendly, I admit it!! I’m waiting for it to run out before I buy products from Mrs. Meyer's, which I do have a few and like the best. Waste not want not, and it’s not very ethical to throw it away or pour it down the drain! BUT, I started thinking about other products in my bathroom that might not be so eco-friendly. Despite my findings, I wanted to give you a few tips for turning your bathroom products into something a little greener, and ultimately better for you in general.

1)Buy your products in glass containers rather than plastic ones when possible. I know it’s hard since not very many products are in glass, but it is easy to recycle and it’s better for the planet.

2)IF you have to buy plastic, make sure you avoid unnecessary packaging. Lush and Kiehls are great examples of companies that do not use external packaging for their products.

3)IF you’re going out to buy, whether it be products or groceries always have a nylon shopping bag in your purse. They weigh NOTHING, take up NO room, and you never have to worry about paper or plastic when you check out. My favorite can be found at at the below site. They have a great site with so many amazing things to help turn you and your apartment greener! AND it’s great for gifts for the holidays! Check out Green Feet They come in various colours to suit your style, and the best part is it’s only $5.00!

4)If you’re like me, and have a garbage bin in the bathroom, it’s hard to say don’t use a plastic bag to throw away your disposables…especially when us girls must! Use a plastic bag from the grocery store you might have stock piled in your apartment. OR just simply put it in the container, and add it to your kitchen garbage when full. You can always wash it out in the bathtub if and when it gets dirty!

5)I’ve been getting out of the habit of using a cotton pad to remove my eye make up, by simply using my face wash and scrubbing hard. BUT, if you do use cotton pads, make sure the label says 100% cotton. Whether or not it’s organic or not, you don’t want to remove your eye make up with something that might have fiberglass in it!

6)I have liquid hand soap on my sink, which I fill when low with a re-fillable soap pack I keep under my sink. HOWEVER, there’s nothing like a plain old bar or soap. Most people think pump soap is more hygienic, but how do you think it becomes a liquid? Preservatives. Nothing clean bout that.

7)I always use a plastic shower pouf to exfoliate in the shower. Now, some people say this harbors bacteria and is still plastic, but it’s better than using a loofah that is pulled out of the ocean on a mass scale! Plus, if you don’t use a bar of soap in the shower, liquid gels go farther on a pouf, there for less consumption!

8)Look for, and read the ingredients on your products. You care about what you put in your body, so you should care what you put on it. Natural ingredients should be on top, your top priority, and try to avoid extracts. You don’t the essence of; you want the whole damn thing that’s good for you!

9)Most products have an expiration date. So make sure you check those, and throw out responsibly those that are creating clutter in your bathroom, and could create clutter on your body. Like food, most products won’t “work” after a certain point, especially if they are natural.

10)Finally…watch how long you are in the bathroom. Take short showers, and don’t leave the tap running while you’re brushing your teeth! Age old advice, I’m sure you’ve heard from your mother.


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Missy said...

A note on the hand soap. I have skin issues, and have found a great organic, synthetic free soap. Check out Ballard Organics at I'm in love with the orange and tea tree liquid cleansers. Plus for me it's local!