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Giving Spotlight:: Let's Start a Revolution

Economy Shmonomy, it's time to give! The holidays don't need to drain our funds, they can enrich our sense of community, friendship and you can score some pretty great gifts out of it. That being said, let's focus on the giving part for now. Before you start breathing out of a paper bag, take that deep breath and realize the gift you give means the world, no matter how much you shell out for it. It truly is the year of THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS. Make it count, put extra thought into your prezzies this year, don't just run through a store pulling shiny things off the shelves and slapping a bow on it. Urban Branches is no stranger to steals, deals and eco-luxuries, so we'll be bringing you our favorite holiday goodies to give (and receive!). To kick things off I bring you one of my new discoveries....
Revolution Organics sent me their entire USDA Certified Organic product line to indulge in over the past few weeks, and let me tell you, I am softer and more moisturized than ever before. Revolution Organics was born out of the desire to keep things simple, the less is more concept. Their whole line consists of 3, yes just 3 products: All Over Creme, All Over Body Balm and Lip Balm. What a relief it was to know that I don't need to loose the bank buying the entire line of skincare. The All Over Skin Creme and Lip Balm are true treats for your body. My skin is smoother and softer than before, and my lips have finally ditched it's chapped past.
While I loved the entire line, I was truly blown away by the All Over Body Balm. It boasts 22+ uses and is small enough to toss in your bag for your daily adventures. The 22 uses include:

*Relieve chapped lips

*Softens lines
*Conditions dry hands
*Tames flyaway hair
*Nourishes dry cuticles
*Primes skin for makeup
*Conditions hair
*Seals in skin moisture

Revolution ingredients include loads of organic goodies such as organic olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax. In this time time when we are all shelling out for gifts and trying desperately to reign in the spending, this is a great way to have you dollar stretch even further. It's like getting 22+ gifts in one! Who wouldn't love that?

Viva La Organic Revolution!


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