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Eco-Fashionista: Holiday Gift Guide v2

Gifts for Women or Men who are having a baby or already have a cutiepie

ECO-TRIKE –$120.00 Let the kids use their own energy to move them. Plan Toys’ wooden trikes are manufactured from natural rubberwood that no longer produces latex and are dried in chemical-free kilns. Trikes are assembled with E-zero glue that contains no formaldehyde, and wood is dyed with soy- and water-based ink. Solar energy is used to power the wood-drying kilns. Plan Toys employs environmental and social policies to protect the plant and to protect their employees.

Doll House - $129.99 Teach your children green responsibility when playing house! Wonderworld's Eco House illustrates green themes, from recycling and tree planting to collecting rainwater and harvesting solar energy.

Baby Food Making Kit: 34.95 So Easy Baby Food Kit makes it so easy to feed fresh, healthy foods to your baby. Healthy eating habits are essential to your child's health and well being. When your baby is ready to start solids, the So Easy Baby Food Kit will help you prepare healthy, natural, age-appropriate foods at home.

•Plush baby toys - $26, Under The Nile, SO cute. You want to feed your babies organic veggies, why not let them teeth on these organically made veggie toys!

•Reusable Diapers $18 and up, Fuzzi Bunzi, this is amazing. With snaps instead of Velcro, this is the gift that keeps on giving!!

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