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Daily Eco

New Year's is right around the corner, think about making some environmental resolutions this year...

Here are some ideas to make

*Start your very first herb garden, stop buying and start growing

*Think about composting, if not at home in your neighborhood, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for example you can bring your scraps to the park.

*Cook more organic food

*Actually use those reusable tote bags you have been buying yourself all year

*Subscribe to Urban Branches, it's easy and you can receive the latest articles right in your inbox! (shameless I know) You can do this on your right in the subscription box

*Make the real change and have a meat free week starting today. It can be done all you meat lovers, you'll end up spending less, eating better and saving the planet!

*Cut out chemical laden drinks, vote for natural juices, natural sodas, organic wines and liquors and good old water!


More to come.....

What are YOUR resolutions?


carolyn said...

I just discovered "Kefir"'s a probiotic that's supposed to increase your calcium absorption - - which is SO important to me since I'm on the verge of very old age. Tastes like liquid yogurt. I bought blueberry, peach and pomegranate flavor. YUMMY!

Missy said...

We moved the very last week in December and are down grading our clutter. Lots of stuff to go to Goodwill where it can find a new home!