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Giving Spotlight: Eco-Baby

We've got all different types of loved ones to shop for this holiday season, babies included! I nanny a little baby girl 4 days a week and have had the pleasure of "test driving" a set of organic cotton burp clothes and baby blanket made by the Organic Quilt Company. Organic Quilt Company, created by Becky Stone has embarked on the sustainable path. OQC creates beautiful quilts, clothes and blankets, including custom work.

Because conventional cotton uses tons of chemical pesticides and fertilizers in order to grow, going organic was a move made for both the health of the child but the health of the planet. OQC quilts and receiving blankets are all made with organic cotton fabrics are are dyed using low-impact fiber-reactive or naturally-sourced dyes.

So if you've got a child yourself, a niece, nephew, friend's baby or just a cutiepie in your life consider environmentally friendly gifts this year, start them off right. Check out the Organic Quilt Company and you can rest assure you are giving that little baby the best money can buy.

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